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#1824: Improve "Contributors & Developers" box
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 There's a few things we can do to improve the "Contributors & Developers"
 * Show some text ''before'' showing the list of contributors. For example:
 `[plugin name] is open source software. The following people have
 contributed to this plugin.`
 * In the contributors list, if a name is very long, it wraps into a new
 line. Unfortunately, it wraps under the gravatar. (This is more rare with
 the smaller font size.)
 * The contributors list should be sorted by case-insensitive username. At
 the moment, capitalized usernames are sorted first ([https://wordpress.org
 /plugins-wp/jetpack/#developers see Jetpack]).
 * After the list of contributors, list all languages the plugin is
 available in, with links to relevant Rosetta sites. We should do this with
 a sentence as well, such as: `[plugin name] has been translated into these
 [number] locales: [locale list with links].`
 * Then, follow up with: `Thank you to <a>the translators</a> for their
 contributions. <a>Translate [plugin name] into your language.</a>`
 * Add more text to the bottom of the section, instead of a list of items.
 I'd title it "Interested in development?" in bold, with the following
 text: `<a>Browse the code</a> or subscribe to the <a>development log</a>
 by <a>email</a> or <a>RSS</a>.` That should cover all links except
 translation contributors, which is covered above.

 We can probably improve the language a bit, but that's the general idea.

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