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#1793: Display available plugin translations on plugin listing
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Comment (by samuelsidler):

 See also #1259.

 I don't think we should display all translations in the sidebar. Instead,
 we should do two things:
 1. Show the green bar with the relevant languages for each user, as we're
 already doing.
 2. Show a list of all available translations in the Contributors &
 Developers section.

 Replying to [comment:2 hlashbrooke]:
 > I get that we can push people to the locale directory for a plugin
 (which is great of course), but in many cases the plugin is localised, but
 the readme is not. In those cases there wouldn't be a locale directory
 page, but the plugin would still be available in the language needed and
 there would be no way for the user to know that unless they manage to get
 to the GlotPress project page for the plugin, which most users won't be
 able to find.

 I'm hopeful that this case is rarer and rare as more translations come
 through for readmes, and the community grows. But, either way, the green
 banner shows on the plugin page when the ''plugin'' is available in a
 specific language, regardless of readme translation.

 > Listing the languages in which the plugin is available would be a great
 way to combat this and we have plenty of space in the sidebar for a widget
 like that, so it wouldn't be a huge stretch to add it in.

 Just because there's whitespace doesn't mean we need to fill it. :)

 I find it much more valuable to send users to the relevant locale site,
 even if the readme isn't translated, so they can decide for themselves.

 Have you seen what we do [https://de.wordpress.org/plugins-wp/imagify/
 when a plugin isn't translated into the locale] of the site you're on?

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