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#2112: Review API endpoints
 Reporter:  tellyworth        |       Owner:  tellyworth
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Comment (by dd32):

 > Could we try using div elements instead of p to group FAQ answers?
 Sure, I didn't notice it was nesting `<p>` elements. `<div>` makes sense
 in that case.

 > Do we only use that new FAQ markup in the API?
 Yes, That FAQ markup is for the API only, it's an "old style" markup which
 matches what we previously returned, as core has specific styling for that
 exact markup (See [4310]).

 I fully expect to add an extra field to indicate that the client wants the
 semantic markup and handle it nicely within WordPress too, down the line,
 leaving this just as BC stuff.

 > Could we use DATE_ATOM instead of custom date formats for all date-
 related information in the API?
 AFAIK, no, the formats used are as clients expect it. But if you can point
 to the field you're referencing, and why, I might be able to suggest more

 > I'd love for us to return raw plugin review data instead
 That's possible, and will eventually be added I'm sure when someone
 rebuilds the `wp-admin` component, it'll just be hidden behind a feature-
 flag (by setting `review_data` field to true or something). I'd highly
 suggest against doing anything of the sort in the short term though, as
 the whole review styling needs a rethink, what data to show, replies, etc,
 and it's far easier to design the raw format with that in mind.

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