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#683: Profile: WordCamp Speaker badge missing from profile
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Comment (by anthonydpaul):

 I did some testing from the organizer side. The easiest remedy is removing
 a speaker's org username from within their speaker profile in the
 WordCamp's wp-admin panel, then re-adding their org username and saving.

 • If you save only it will not add the activity. (You have to remove the
 username and add it again.)
 • When you add the activity, it is timestamped as a current activity even
 though the WordCamp is likely over.
 • If you do the removal and save twice in a row, the activity will show up
 in the speaker's profile twice for the same WordCamp.

 I noticed the activity is only missing from my original speakers because
 their org username was submitted as part of their application. Speakers I
 added later as replacements already had the speaker activity because I
 manually added their org username.

 I suspect the function that registers the activity is not getting run wen
 the speaker applies (which makes sense) and it is prevented from running
 every time the post is updated, unless the username value changes. That's
 preventing it from running on publish.

 To remedy this, the activity would need to be part of the publish action
 rather than the create action. However, speakers who get published also
 sometimes do not end up speaking. A better approach may be to not tie this
 activity feature to the profile management process at all and to instead
 schedule a task to grab all published speaker org usernames on the date of
 the WordCamp—to run the activity bot one single time with the latest

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