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#2320: Global stats for GlotPress to identify possible future GTE
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 On some locales (like Catalan), most of the translations are done by 3-4
 people (with 2 of them being GTE), even if according to
 https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/ca there are 10 GTE, and almost a
 100 contributors.

 This is a problem not only because it simply doesn't scale (with the
 amount of strings that themes & plugins have, 3-4 people are not enough),
 but also because is extremely hard for GTEs to identify "active"
 contributors to help and guide them so they become one day GTE, and for
 contributors to find active GTE so their strings get approved and don't
 stay forever as pending.

 Ideally, there should be a way of "filtering" the teams page
 (https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/?locale=ca) with some kind of
 "active" filter, with active being a rule such as "has translated/reviewed
 more than X strings (could be 0) in the last 3-4 months".

 That could help to really asses the health of a team, as you could quickly
 identify how many people is actively contributing to the project.

 Also, if that filter included some kind of aggregated cross-project stats
 (similar to the ones you get "per-project" in translate.wp.org), pointing
 to the projects they contributed, it would be easier to "measure" the
 amount of contributions people is doing: I, as a GTE, am more in
 validating strings translated by someone who contributes regularly than
 strings from someone who only translated 1 string two months ago.
 Computing such a huge amount of stats won't be light in terms of
 resources, but in order to be useful, these stats don't need to be "live":
 a weekly update would be more than enough to get a sense of the current

 This would also give extra visibility to the health of the team, on top of
 the "activeness" filter: knowing there are 100 people active when 99 of
 them only have translated one string isn't a sign of healthy at all.

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