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#2318: The new search results are less usable than the old
 Reporter:  joyously          |      Owner:
     Type:  defect            |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal            |  Milestone:  Plugin Directory v3.0
Component:  Plugin Directory  |   Keywords:
 A search for `responsive slider` on both the old and the new plugin
 directories gives more results and more relevant results on the old than
 the new.

 The old first page shows 30 plugins, all relevant, and 3 exact name
 matches first.
 The new first page shows 14 plugins, the first 6 are not relevant, and the
 exact name match is number 8. The other two exact name matches are not on
 the first page.

 The old format provides a link to the author profile.
 The new format does not link the author name.

 The old format shows when the plugin was updated.
 The new format does not show the update time.

 The old format puts the rating with the other details, so it's always in
 the same place.
 The new format puts the rating after the title, artificially increasing
 its prominence and making it harder to compare as the titles are not
 always the same height.

 The old format clearly shows the details at the bottom of each card.
 The new format shows unnecessary icons with the details, making it more
 cluttered to read.

 The new format hides the plugin thumbnails on a phone size screen, making
 it more difficult to tell the plugins apart. The field for active installs
 is chopped on the right instead of using ellipsis, making it harder to

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