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#2290: Progress stats for the top 100 plugins and themes
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Comment (by samuelsidler):

 Replying to [comment:3 casiepa]:
 > @samuelsidler I would love to see this directly on wordpress.org ! Can I
 add the requests that I tried to solve while building my http://wp-
 info.org/plugin-top120/?lang=Bulgarian ?
 > 1) '''Can I get in 1 page the 'most used' plugins?''' I used the 'active
 installs' as a baseline. I don't have the installs per locale, but I think
 the idea of overall active installs is fine.

 I'm not sure what you're asking for here that's not already in this
 ticket. Each locale will have an overview of the top 100 plugins – by
 usage – and their current status.

 > 2) '''I'm a GTE, what are the waiting strings for my locale on the most
 used plugins?''' Check the waiting column, click on it, validate!

 We can add a Waiting column like the main stats page has.

 > 3) '''I want to help translate in my language, where do I start?'''
 Well, choose a plugin or theme that you use on your own site, if all are
 already translated, start from my top120.

 This sounds like UX work that needs to be done and is out of scope of this
 ticket. If you want to work on a GlotPress plugin that changes the UX to
 improve contributions, we could work on that in a separate ticket.

 > 4) '''We have a contributor day''' and are looking for some useful
 plugins to translate '''with not that many strings inside''', but where
 there is still work to do. Well, here you go.

 Another UX idea that's out of scope for this ticket.

 > 5) '''I want to focus on stable only''', what is there still to do in
 the most used plugins? If the last column still has figures, then you know
 there is work to do.

 It's not always best to focus on stable only, but regardless we'll be
 showing columns (just like the current stats page) and allow sorting by
 those columns.

 > People using the overview are much less interested in the readme...

 That may be, but from a UX perspective, the readme is incredibly
 important. We want users to be able to discover plugins in their language
 and discover plugins that have been translated into their language (note
 the difference).

 > And for the percentage... I prefer the real number of strings like we
 already receive on #polyglots, but then you move away from the other
 standards you have on overview pages.

 We'll stick with the the percentage because it works better overall, with
 Waiting strings being a total number.

 > Monthly? Any possibility to have weekly stats, because Polyglots is
 already having weekly stats and updates.

 Running this script is not great on the server. It doesn't scale well.
 Individual locales can monitor their status, but I don't think the overall
 status is something that needs to be frequently reported. Is there a
 reason you think this number is important on a weekly basis? I couldn't
 come up with one other than "because it's interesting sometimes."

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