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#1629: Create archives for popular and recent videos and link to them from home
page sections
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 @dgwyer thanks for this awesome and totally spot on suggestion. I agree
 completely that such an addition to the home page would be super cool.

 Turns out there's a reason those two sections don't have view more links.
 It's because those are not based on something that already has an archive
 which we can link to. Latests posts just uses the main query on the home
 page because that is set to be the page which displays posts. There is no
 other defined page we can link to which lists posts in chronological order
 at this time.

 Popular posts is based on a meta value and those don't have archives the
 way categories do.

 So this can still be easily resolved, we'll just have to make a couple
 modifications to the theme and to the settings.

 1. We'll need to create a home page and a posts page
 2. Set the reading settings to define home as the front page and the posts
 page as the one which shows posts
 3. Modify the front page template to be a page template which the new home
 page will select as its defined template
 4. Add the simple query to the front page template which will get latest
 posts (it isn't there now because it uses the page's main query)
 5. Add the More -> link in the upper right of both sections to remain
 consistent with the other lists on the site (go to /category/wordrcamptv/
 and see an example of the More - >links)
 6. Set the More link for recent videos to the new posts page created in 1
 7. Create a new page template which lists all posts, with pagination, by
 8. Create a new page which uses the new popular posts page template
 9. Set the More link in the Popular section on the home page to link to
 this new Popular page

 So a few steps but they're all really simple. If someone wants to tackle
 this, by all means, go for it! And if you need help, DM me or ask here. If
 no one takes it, I'll get to it eventually.

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