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#1828: Improve Screenshots section
 Reporter:  samuelsidler      |       Owner:  mapk
     Type:  task              |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  high              |   Milestone:  Plugin Directory v3 - M7
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Comment (by kevinwhoffman):

 I just read through
 [https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/design/p1471553552000973 the Slack
 discussion] of this ticket from the last design meeting. Several of the
 same concerns mentioned earlier in this thread were echoed in that
 discussion. I know @mapk was there but I'm posting a summary as I think
 this is valuable feedback from a design perspective:

 * "it seems counter-productive to use photography on the mockups you have
 there - the content of those screenshots are most likely to be pieces of
 wp-admin UI, not photography. It will be helpful to see mockups with more
 context appropriate content" - at hugobaeta
 * @hugobaeta stressed the importance of figuring out how captions would be
 handled in a slideshow.
 * @FolioVision voiced concerns about a service-dependent plugin like
 Jetpack being relied on for .org
 * @hugobaeta described the current screenshots tab as a "story" in which
 the plugin author is walking the visitor through the UI in order. This
 "story" gets disrupted in a mosaic layout.
 * @melchoyce described the current screenshots tab as an "ordered stream"
 that she uses as a form of documentation.
 * "In a way I understand why this went in a single page view direction,
 but at the same time it now feels we’re trying to cram everything in there
 - it’s important to understand how these things are really getting used"
 - at hugobaeta
 * @FolioVision voiced concerns about feedback being ignored regarding the
 move away from tabs.
 * "Maybe ''some'' tabs do need to be maintained" - at hugobaeta
 * "My suggestion: step back and sketch out a lot of different ideas."
 - at melchoyce

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