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#1911: Credits API: Prefer HTTPS for External Libraries links
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 Some of the links for the external libraries, as shown on the credits
 page, use HTTP when the library site also supports HTTPS i.e.
 http://jquery.com is available at https://jquery.com. If HTTPS is
 available, I would expect that to be linked to.

 These are the ones I found that could be updated:

 * Class POP3 -> https://squirrelmail.org
 * Color Animations -> https://plugins.jquery.com/color/
 * Horde Text Diff -> https://pear.horde.org (which may be better linked to
 the more specific https://pear.horde.org#horde_text_diff)
 * jQuery -> https://jquery.com
 * jQuery UI -> https://jqueryui.com
 * jQuery.query -> https://plugins.jquery.com/query-object/
 * PemFTP -> https://www.phpclasses.org/package/1743-PHP-FTP-client-in-
 pure-PHP.html (though has mixed content warnings)
 * TinyMCE -> https://www.tinymce.com/ (HTTP redirects to HTTPS anyway)


 Not strictly related, but worth mentioning, is that the jQuery.suggest
 link is to http://plugins.jquery.com/project/suggest, but this redirects
 to http://archive.plugins.jquery.com/project/suggest which is a site that
 can't be reached. Maybe http://polarblau.github.io/suggest/ is a more
 suitable URL in the mean time, if this is the same package.

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