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#1889: Inaccurate listings for @since tags
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 The 'since' view was never intended to list functions introduced in a
 given release. It is meant to list functions added or updated in a given
 release (that is to say, those that have a `@since` entry for that

 On the [https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/ code reference landing
 page] that's why the widget is labeled "New and Updated in WordPress X.Y"
 instead of just "New in...".

 While the desire to find functions, etc introduced in a given WP release
 is reasonable, it wasn't feasible for consideration until recently since
 the `@since` tag wasn't always present for a reasonable majority of
 functions. (I believe it was only through an effort within the last couple
 of years that many functions saw an `@since` added for their introduction
 to the codebase.)

 Anyhow, the 'since'  view has been this way for years so it's best not to
 change what it represents. I'd advocate making a separate ticket to
 request introduction of the ability to view functions, etc introduced in a
 given release. It'd likely entail creating a new taxonomy. (`@since` is
 its own taxonomy, but it'd be hairy to get only the posts that have a
 `@since` for a given version but not any earlier version).

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