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#1828: Improve Screenshots section
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Comment (by mapk):

 Replying to [comment:15 kevinwhoffman]:
 > I've attempted to make that clear in the comparison below without
 showing too much bias :)
 Thanks, Kevin! Your input is definitely needed to help us make sure we're
 making the right design decisions.

 > == Flexible-Height Slider ==
 > Cons:
 > * Controls shift position when aspect ratio changes. Forced to
 reposition cursor and continue.
 This is true, but we can use a floating control (having trouble finding an
 example), or allowing the user to click anywhere on the far right or far
 left to navigate forwards and backwards.

 > * Entire page shifts when aspect ratio changes. This is jarring.
 It's really not that jarring if the page remains in the same view without
 automatically jumping to center the image. It's just shifting the content
 below the image down further. The sidebar would remain unmoved as well.

 > * Caption overlay would significantly obscure screenshots with wide
 aspect ratios (e.g.
 > * Caption overlays do not work well with screenshots of UIs because
 caption text is likely to overlap other text in the UI itself. Text on
 text is difficult to read.
 Captions can be worked out better. You bring up good points, but we could
 easily pull captions out of the image area to solve this.

 > * Requires user to click through each screenshot one by one to fully
 grasp what screenshots are available, as opposed to simply scrolling.
 (Compare the time it takes to click through 5 images of different aspect
 ratios in a flexible height slider vs. scrolling down a vertical layout).
 True. Again, we could solve this by putting the thumbnails back instead of
 circle navigation. Chances are, the user will want to click the images and
 jump into a lightbox view anyways to see the screenshots in more detail.

 > I feel the vertically stacked layout is superior with the understanding
 that it is only a viable option within a tabbed interface (or similar)
 where significant vertical space is available.

 While I agree with some of your issues, many of them can be resolved with
 a few minor changes in the mockups.

 Another CON for the VERTICALLY STACKED view is that having several
 screenshots in a bunch of different sizes all stacked together can appear
 to be cluttered giving the user more of an unprofessional opinion
 regarding the plugin itself. It's also a bit overwhelming to look at.

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