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#1828: Improve Screenshots section
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Comment (by implenton):

 > Fwiw, I think it's fine if plugins update their screenshots for the
 changes we make. @samuelsidler

 Would be nice, but I don't ''believe'' - I don't have the facts to prove
 this - that most of the plugin developers are going to update their
 screenshots. Maybe finding out how many plugins were not updated in the
 last six months would give a clue.

 A possible counterargument would be that if a plugin is not updated, then
 it would not get any traction. Some plugins just don't require any updates
 because they are simple by nature, and it wouldn't be nice to present
 their page in an unfavorable way because they didn't update their
 screenshots. It might count for the users.

 > I think a grid gallery (perhaps even masonry) with a lightbox would be
 much preferred to the slider. @webdevmattcrom

 I see the gallery + masonry option something that might work. Using a grid
 gallery would make the user click on the image and after the lightbox is
 opened with the next/prev button they can navigate between the
 screenshots. This way hiding some screenshots at first (and keeping a
 link/button to show them all) is not that problematic.

 > If we do keep tabs, then the need to confine screenshots to fixed-height
 slider goes away and we can maintain the vertical stacked layout in place
 today. @kevinwhoffman

 As for my preference, I like the simplicity of the vertically stacked
 layout. Never failed me.

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