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#1824: Improve "Contributors & Developers" box
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Comment (by samuelsidler):

 Replying to [comment:2 petya]:
 > - Will the list of translations include only 100% completed

 The list of translations will be any that have a generated language pack.
 Currently, the threshold for a language pack is 95%.

 > - Another question also dependent on the answer of the first one - why
 link to Rosetta sites instead of the plugin translation projects where
 people can get involved directly?

 I'm not sure which link you're asking about, but I'll both of them:
 * For the note that says `[plugin name] has been translated into these
 [number] locales: [locale list with links].`, we link to the localized
 plugin directory because that's where users are looking to go. If a plugin
 is translated into Bulgarian and we're telling them it's available,
 sending them to the Bulgarian page makes the most sense. If we send them
 to a translation site, they'll be confused as to ''why'' since they didn't
 ask to translate the plugin (and hey, it's already translated).
 * For the `<a>Translate [plugin name] into your language.</a>` link, it
 will lead to translate.wordpress.org, since that's the call to action and
 expected behavior.

 > - Are translators going to be listed per locale or all in one place?
 Wouldn't listing all contributors and all translators that way make the
 page impossibly long? Are you planning on listing all contributing
 translators or just GTEs and Project translation editors?

 We will link to the relevant translate.wordpress.org page. That is, if
 you're on bg.wordpress.org/plugins-wp/, we'll link to the Bulgarian
 translators for that particular plugin. There's no proposal to list all
 translation contributors on the page at the moment, but rather to link to
 translate.wordpress.org. (On the English site, we'd want to link to the
 overview of all contributors to a project.)

 > - Doesn't it make sense to try and add the links to translations in a
 more visible place (above/below support in the right column for example)
 with a list of existing translations and a call to action to Translate?
 With the current plan, as far as I understand, the call to action to
 `translate this plugin` will go below the list of contributors, then the
 list of translations and translators, at the very bottom of the page which
 is not ideal.

 There are two call-to-actions:
 1. On each plugin page, a green bar appears if the plugin is available for
 translation and not translated into the current language.
 2. When listing translation information (in the Contributors & Developers
 section; i.e. this ticket), we link to the translation site.

 Adding the green bar is ''more visible'' than putting a Translate button
 in the sidebar. In fact, the current translate button is very rarely used.
 We want to make translations more visible so users are more encouraged to
 get involved.

 Listing all languages is also not very useful, as long lists are often
 ignored. It's more important that users know if the plugin is available in
 ''their language''. That's why the green bar shows when it's not, and how
 to get involved. (And on the main site, if it's available in your
 language, sends you to the relevant Rosetta site.)

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