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Sat Oct 10 01:56:47 UTC 2015

#1328: drop-down menus in WordCamp Meta Theme "WordCamp Base Redux" Main Menu do
not work.
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      Type:  defect   |     Status:  closed
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Comment (by faddah):

 hello @iandunn,

 thank you for your reply.

 i did not add all the custom CSS, that was done by our web site
 dev/designer. i'm the site maintainer through the end of WordCamp Portland
 (Oct. 24th). the parts i've added in CSS are deliniated by comments
 stating that it's from me (faddah) for some sort of fix.

 per your reply comment suggestion, i am able to comment out the second
 one, the ".sub-menu {..." as it is one of the ones i added to try and fix
 the menu issue. that alone did not fix anything. however, if i remove the
 styles on the first one (.main-navigation, .main-small-navigation {...  -
 plus the .sub-menu nested below that for each of them) it takes out all
 the formatting we need for that menu on our site. also, if i _do_ comment
 out that entire section, as you suggest, i lose the menu formatting _and_
 the drop-down menu still does not work.

 could you suggest which specific lines to comment out, based on line
 numbers, please? thank you for your help.


 —  faddah
       portland, oregon, u.s.a.

 Replying to [comment:2 iandunn]:
 > It worked for me after (temporarily) removing all your custom CSS, so it
 seems like something about your CSS is causing the conflict.
 > Part of the problem is these styles:
 > {{{
 > .main-navigation .sub-menu, .main-small-navigation .sub-menu {
 >     display: none;
 >     position: absolute;
 >     top: 100%;
 >     left: 0;
 >     width: 200px;
 >     text-align: left;
 >     background: #48424a;
 > .sub-menu {
 >     position: absolute;
 >     display: none;
 >     background: #dedede;
 > }}}
 > If you remove those, you'll see the submenu is displayed, but partially
 hidden, possibly because of a `z-index` conflict.

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