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#1322: Missing plural forms for '%d people say it works.'
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Changes (by coffee2code):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => invalid


 The former is part of the JS related to the compatibility feature. The JS
 allows the "it works" and "it's broken" text under the 'Compatibility'
 dropdowns on individual plugin pages to update dynamically as the dropdown
 values are changed. It is passed translated strings for singular and
 plural forms for 'works' and 'broken'.

 Here's the actual code defining those strings (ignore the deprecated
 function use...):

 worksTextN = [ '<?php echo js_escape( __( '1 person says it works.',
 'wporg' ) ); ?>', '<?php echo js_escape( __( '%d people say it works.',
 'wporg' ) ); ?>' ],
 brokeTextN = [ '<?php echo js_escape( __( "1 person says it's broken.",
 'wporg' ) ); ?>', '<?php echo js_escape( __( "%d people say it's broken.",
 'wporg' ) ); ? >' ];

 You can load an individual plugin's page and see the output. The JS has to
 decide which plural form to use, so it needs both strings of each type.

 The latter string translation you noted is the text used for the initial
 output of the 'Compatibility' section.

 Seems like the current approach is a legitimate use for non-plural forms

 Feel free to reopen with recommendations for changing the JS or for
 passing context to translators if it's beneficial to do so.

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