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#1309: Internal Plugin search will not find plugin names with a forward slash in
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 Apologies if this was reported previously - I could not find anything
 I am a plugin developer and one of my plugin names is called "Quick
 Page/Post Redirect Plugin". I have recently had some users tell me that
 they cannot find the plugin when using the 'Add New' plugin search feature
 inside WordPress. I checked this out and it does come up, BUT not when you
 use the actual full name (with the '/' - forward slash). If you take it
 out, it shows up.
 So looking through the plugin development documentation, I cannot find
 anything where is says not to include a forward slash in the name of the
 plugin. So my conclusion is that this is a bug of some sort, as the search
 process is possibly converting the forward slash to an encoded character
 which will not match the title of the plugin - so it does not return a
 To recreate, try searching "Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin" and nothing
 will return. When you search "Quick PagePost Redirect Plugin" (without the
 /) the plugin will be listed.
 The plugin was created a long time ago, and the name has not changed since
 inception. I tested in 3.8, 3.9 and 4.0 with the same results.
 If this is not a bug, there needs to be more clear instruction on Plugin
 naming conventions, so that developers will know not to use certain
 characters in their naming so users can find the plugin correctly.
 Don Fischer

 Reproduced with the search form in the plugin directory as well:
 Searching for Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin does not display the plugin.
 Searching for Quick PagePost Redirect Plugin does.

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