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Wed Nov 4 15:02:32 UTC 2015

#1376: Number of the link to "Show %d more used by" is wrong,
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 Hi, on the Code reference, the sections "Used by" and "Uses" have links to
 show and hide more functions.

 For example, here:

 it shows 5 by default and has a link to show 16 more uses, but in reality,
 it only shows more 11. The total references is 16.

 It should be
 $used_by->post_count - 5
 ( see lines 145 and 164 )
 in https://meta.svn.wordpress.org/sites/trunk/wordpress.org/public_html
 /wp-content/themes/pub/wporg-developer/content-reference.php )

 or change the wording "Show all used by". If the latter, then "hide more
 used by" should also be changed to something like "show fewer used by"

 Same for "Show %d more uses".

 do you need a patch or this is trivial to change?

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