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#1085: Duplicate results in developer.wordpress.org search
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Comment (by coffee2code):

 @DrewAPicture: That specific one was sort of an oversight on my part, or
 at least I knew about it. The `add_attachment` hook still seemed duped
 after the parsing. The one without the '-2' in the slug referenced a
 different (likely older) line number in the file, but otherwise seemed to
 be the same thing. So I deleted the 'add_attachement' one and forgot to
 change the slug for 'add_attachment-2' to drop the '-2'.


 That said, I do believe there is some sort of other issue related to
 duplicate hooks which I don't think was due to the explicit hook
 duplication issue that we turned off and you just cleaned up.

 Take for instance `edit_terms`:

 There are 4 instances of the hook, and they were all created based on the
 original primary hook docs (and not the "This action is documented in...).
 Based on the post creation times, they each correspond to a parsing run.
 So for some reason, this particular hook (and a handful of others like it)
 gets recreated each parsing (and it doesn't appear to be a signature
 change, which we know could cause this sort of thing).

 There are the possibly affected hooks (basically any that have a version
 with the "-2" slug):

 add_attachment-2, comments_clauses-2, comments_number-2,
 edit_attachment-2, edit_terms-2, editable_slug-2, edited_terms-2,
 export_wp-2, get_avatar_comment_types-2, hook-2, icon_dir-2,
 image_memory_limit-2, install_themes_tabs-2, jpeg_quality-2,
 link_category-2, nav_menu_meta_box_object-2, pre_get_comments-2,
 pre_user_login-2, register-2, session_token_manager-2, submitlink_box-2,
 the_comments-2, the_meta_key-2, the_permalink-2, the_post-2, the_title-2,
 upload_per_page-2, wp_edit_nav_menu_walker-2, wp_editor_set_quality-2,
 wp_handle_upload-2, wp_image_editors-2, wp_insert_attachment_data-2,


 Oh, and yet another issue. Take `the_title` for example:
 There are a ton of duplicate hooks because there are multiple instances of
 it in deprecated.php, and since that file isn't maintained to denote that
 the hooks are duplicates, they look new and unique to the parser.

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