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Mon Jun 15 13:56:58 UTC 2015

#1082: Rebranding WordCamp Central
  Reporter:  hugobaeta    |      Owner:  hugobaeta
      Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  low          |  Component:  wordcamp.org
Resolution:               |   Keywords:  design

Comment (by cameronbarrett):

 I think the key issue to answer is whether the WordCamp branding and logo
 should be a derivative or the W mark, incorporate it, or be its own stand-
 alone mark.

 The benefit of it being a stand-alone mark is that it can then be
 incorporated into the hundreds of WordCamp logos designed for the various

 Hugo and I were having these conversations in Slack and we're opening it
 up for more discussion and more community input.

 '''I think for simplicity's sake, we need to define the official WordCamp
 logo/mark as a stand-alone mark that is stylized enough that it can be
 incorporated into other WordCamp logos. Both Hugo and I were very drawn to
 the following logos:'''

 content/uploads/2015/06/WordCampDenverOfficialSpeaker2015.png, 300px)]]

 atlanta-2013-logo.jpg, 300px)]]

 /entrepreneurship-files/logo-lg.png, 300px)]]


 I'm not necessarily advocating the following direction (displayed below)
 but wanted to show the work I've been doing and get some feedback from the
 community, as well as some ideas of how to simplify this work, redirect
 it, and build consensus on how to proceed with refinement.

 F052EB0QX/screen_shot_2015-05-26_at_12.12.38_pm.png, 480px)]]

 F069J5WLA/screen_shot_2015-06-12_at_1.08.43_pm.png, 480px)]]

 As an App icon:

 F069JKDT2/screen_shot_2015-06-12_at_1.20.34_pm.png, 300px)]]

 More iterations:

 F069K4FE3/screen_shot_2015-06-12_at_1.28.18_pm.png, 480px)]]

 Template for incorporating a location:

 F069KEZCZ/screen_shot_2015-06-12_at_1.37.24_pm.png, 300px)]]


 So, the feedback on the above so far is:

 - Too busy
 - Complicated
 - Doesn't work too well for adding to WordCamp logos
 - Needs to be simplified
 - Probably shouldn't have the W mark (that's usually incorporated into
 WordCamp logos in a variety of unique ways)
 - Love the Denver, Asheville and Atlanta logo. Simple: campfire, tent,

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