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#1082: Rebranding WordCamp Central
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 With work being done on a [https://github.com/wordpress-mobile/WordCamp-
 Android Android WordCamp app], the developer requested an app icon. In
 [https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/events/p1431627817000267 #events on
 slack], there was a discussion about it, that eventually resulted in a
 conversation about redesigning the WordCamp Central identity. This is not
 an urgent matter, by any means, but something that is worth documenting

 The current website was designed by @chexee a few years ago and it has
 served the community well. Structurally there's nothing wrong with it, but
 with the evolution of the WordPress brand (and the recent documentation of
 foundational aspects of the WordPress brand in the new
 [https://make.wordpress.org/design/handbook/foundations/identity/ Design
 Handbook]) the design could use a refresh in an effort to bring it closer
 to the rest of the WordPress universe (namely colors and typography).

 @cameronbarrett took on the task to make the App icon, but in conversation
 we realized this could be a much broader project. So we started talking
 about direction for this rebranding and the most popular concept was the
 idea of a camp fire: Fire representing the sparking of ideas, and the
 association of a camp fire with conversations and discussion. We believe
 this is a great metaphor for WordCamps.

 In a quick research we found two incredibly inspiring and well design
 illustrations that represent this idea well, the identity for
 [https://atlanta.wordcamp.org/2013/ WordCamp Atlanta 2013] and
 [https://denver.wordcamp.org/2015/ WordCamp Denver 2015] - These could
 serve as a great starting point for a WordCamp Central mark.

 Typography] and
 [https://make.wordpress.org/design/handbook/foundations/colors/ Colors]
 should be covered by the Design Handbook foundations.

 Discussion around this can continue on this ticket!

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