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#1097: Allow sorting of attendee names in post_type=tix_attendee
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 I was aware that we could do registration via the website, but we actually
 prefer to do our registration by paper. Here's why:

 1. WordCamps don't have the resources to provide everyone at registration
 with a mobile device in order to do registration. It's unreasonable to
 expect volunteers to bring their own. What if something happens to it?
 Who's responsible? The owner of the device or the WordCamp (since we asked
 them to bring it)? And we can't expect volunteer organisers of camps to
 provide expensive technology to volunteers.

 2. Marking people off on a piece of paper doesn't require any additional
 instructions or coordination. You just hand people a pen and they know
 what to do. Using the web interface requires an extra orientation session.
 Not every WordCamp has an orientation the night before the WordCamp and
 there isn't time in the morning.

 3. The web application relies on a good wifi connection, and a good wifi
 connection isn't always available. If the wifi goes down when you have a
 couple of hundred people waiting to register then you're pretty screwed.

 I can see why using the web app is cool, and I can see why it would make
 sense at WCSF (where the volunteers are expected to get in the day before,
 and ipads can be provided by Automattic), but it actually adds an
 additional layer of complexity for most WordCamps.

 Using a list of names and a pen is simple, easy to manage, and doesn't
 rely on additional factors such as technology, wifi, or an extra
 orientation session.

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