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#760: Plugins directory internationalization project
  Reporter:  stephdau  |      Owner:  stephdau
      Type:  task      |     Status:  accepted
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Comment (by DavidAnderson):

 Replying to [comment:24 Otto42]:
 > Replying to [comment:23 DavidAnderson]:
 > > I think what I'm really asking is, whether there'll be a way for
 plugin authors to provide their own PO/MO files such that they a) don't
 have to be included in the plugin zip download, and b) also don't have to
 use WP's GlotPress install to make translations, but can use their own.
 > No, that's not part of the current plan or design.

 And, what will be the rules about including strings in your POT file that
 aren't in the wordpress.org plugin? The reason for asking is, I have
 plugins which have both free and paid versions. Strings in the premium
 version are a superset of those in the free version. It sounds at the
 moment like the choice will boil down to:
 1) Bloat the free plugin with all the MO/PO files
 2) Add paid-only strings to WP GlotPress (which may be forbidden, and
 hence not actually an option)
 3) Do lots of hand import/exporting between two separate GlotPress
 installs, or ask translators to work in both.

 If 2) is forbidden, then 1) looks much better than 3 - it means "things
 continue as they are".

 Also... as another way of doing it... is part of the current design to
 allow plugins to hook in so that they can specify alternative download
 locations? And if so, will plugins hosted on wordpress.org be allowed to
 use use those alternatives? (Like WooCommerce already does, I suppose -
 i.e. it has an off-site location for its translations, which doesn't
 violate the "no third party code" rule).

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