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#987: Display WPTV videos on speaker and producer profiles
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 Per today's Community Team meeting --
 [https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/outreach/p1428608299000561 1],
 [https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/outreach/p1428609086000631 2] --
 we'd like to display WPTV activity on the profiles of the people
 presenting in the video, and the person who edited the video.

 For each new video that is published on WordPress.TV, their profiles
 should get a new item in their activity stream, and a new item in their
 corresponding videos section. Both items should link to the video on WPTV.

 The videos sections would be laid out similar to the current Themes
 section, and would display the thumbnail. There would be a section for
 videos the user is speaking in, and a separate section for videos they

 == On the WordPress.tv side ==

 * When a video is submitted, collect the WordPress.org usernames for the
 speaker(s) and producer. This is being done for the producer in #986, but
 will need to be done in this ticket for speakers. Some videos can have
 multiple speakers (e.g, panel discussions), so we need to collect the
 usernames for each. WPTV already has a taxonomy for speakers, though, so
 also storing their names/usernames in postmeta feels kind of icky. I'm not
 sure of a good solution to that off the top of my head. Maybe having them
 in both the metadata and the taxonomy isn't so bad?
 * When a new video is published, send activity notifications to Profiles
 for all the speakers and the producer. The payload would include the video
 title and URL.
 * Extend the WordPress.com REST API so that so that Profiles can pull all
 the videos that a given WordPress.org username has spoken in or edited.
 The [https://developer.wordpress.com/docs/api/1.1/get/sites/%24site/posts/
 the /sites/wordpress.tv/posts/ endpoint] provides most of what we want,
 but we'll need to be able to query it by the username meta key, which will
 be private, so it won't be exposed to the API by default. The response
 will also need to expose the thumbnail URL (provided by VideoPress), and
 the event name.
 * It'd be nice to backfill the existing WPTV posts with the speaker and
 producer usernames. If people are willing to collect all the data into a
 CSV, we could have a script handle the bulk update and notifications.
 That's just a ''nice-to-have'', though, not a requirement.

 == On the Profiles side ==

 * Add an activity handler for WordPress.tv
 * Periodically and asynchronously pull video data for each user from the
 WPTV API and cache it in usermeta
 * Add new sections for videos the user spoke in, and videos they produced.

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