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#508: Display links to slides and WPTV video in Session shortcode
  Reporter:  iandunn     |      Owner:
      Type:              |     Status:  new
  enhancement            |  Component:  wordcamp.org
  Priority:  normal      |   Keywords:  good-first-bug dev-feedback has-
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Changes (by BrashRebel):

 * keywords:  good-first-bug => good-first-bug dev-feedback has-patch


 Just added 508.diff which is my first patch submission and I'm not sure I
 got it right. Should contain all of my changes which include:

 - Added slides and video URL fields to the session info meta box
 - Moved the session info box below the editor
 - Don't save the video URL unless it is from wp.tv
 - Added links to the video and slides URLs to the shortcode
 - Added {{{ show_links}}} to the shortcode {{{$atts}}} and set default to

 That should be about it. Obviously very open to feedback.

 Regarding other ideas, I was toying with the thought of changing the video
 URL field to a {{{<select>}}} field instead of an {{{<input
 type="text">}}} and populating the {{{<option>}}} values with a
 {{{fetch_feed()}}} call to wp.tv which supplies the year and city to
 dynamically pull a list of the videos from the appropriate camp if they
 exist. Might be trickier than it is worth as I'd imagine I would have to
 parse the {{{get_bloginfo( 'name' )}}} or something to get the location
 and stuff like that but it sounded fun to me.

 It also occurred to me that if we stored the slides URL in its own field
 on wp.tv instead of just throwing it in the excerpt, we could potentially
 retrieve that in the same call we make for the video link to avoid double
 entry and make this process much easier. WordCamp content moderators could
 then potentially just edit each session and select the appropriate video
 (or enter in the URL if selecting would not be feasible) and the video and
 slides could both be brought in automatically. Although, as you described
 initially, we should allow for slides to be entered long before the video
 makes it to wp.tv. Just ideas I guess.

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