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#703: Keep track of which WordCamps each profile has spoken at and organized
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Comment (by iandunn):

 I agree that having the handler check the activity log, and having the
 WordCamp.org notifier check all sites, will both have scaling problems,
 and seem to be more complicated than necessary.

 I was picturing that the association handler would store a usermeta field
 with a multidimensional array for all associations that are based on
 multiple values. e.g.,

   wordcamp_organizer => array( 230, 317 ),
   wordcamp_speaker   => array( 72, 158, 238, 407 ),

 When the handler receives the notification that a user is
 speaking/organizing a camp, it pushes the ID onto that array, then removes
 it when it receives notification that they stepped down from the role.
 Before actually removing the badge, it checks if there are any IDs left in
 the corresponding subarray.

 That approach could also help if we want to build more automation around
 team participation. e.g., `X` number of handbook edits within `Y` months
 automatically makes you a member of the Docs team, and we store a `page_id
 => timestamp` entry in the subarray. (That's a simplistic example and
 probably makes lots of objectionable assumptions; I'm not suggesting that
 exact scenario, just illustrating the possibilities.)

 The usermeta approach wouldn't fix things retroactively, but we could
 manually fix the small number of problems that get reported, or build a
 script to populate the array once based on the activity logs.

 Does anyone see any problems with that approach?

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