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#174: Link to generally related functions/classes
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Comment (by Rarst):

 The relatedness is simple concept on the surface, but less than trivial
 one to implement, more so for atypical use cases (like ours).

 Overall we are trying to:

 1. Pick data inputs that are not overly complicated to achieve
 2. Process them in a way that takes reasonable resources (more importantly
 //human// resource, less importantly computers')
 3. Arrive at "good" results showing to users (at least most of the time)

 There are two implementations closely related to the use case (that I can
 think of right away):

 1. Codex uses mostly manual process of creating and maintaining wiki
 categories (or whatever they are terminologically). This is extremely
 flexible process with arbitrary inputs, however it is also extremely
 resource intensive since //people// have to take care of it.
 2. QueryPosts uses stemming (or whatever it is terminologically) to
 dismantle names into word parts and look up the matching names (some
 meaningless words are thrown own, etc). In practice it produces passable
 results, though far from perfect. It's usefulness falls for extremely
 commonly used words, which produce overabundance of matches.

 The one approach I am interested in, but hadn't seen tried yet is to
 simply take all data like (we already have like file structure) and feed
 it into one of generic related posts plugins. It would be highly
 automated, but will have to try to see quality of results.

 So these three (or combination of) are essentially choices I see on the

 1. Adopt/migrate manual processes from Codex.
 2. Adopt stemming approach (I could throw ready–made QP code over and
 3. Choose and try related posts plugin, see what happens.

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