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#287: Core Trac "focuses"
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 The current "ui-focus" keyword actually comes from an idea to add a new
 "focuses" field. It'd be like a cross between a component and keywords.
 Keywords correspond to workflow, components correspond to areas of core,
 while focuses are more general groupings of tickets designed around
 contributor skills and/or big picture areas of core.

 For example, here's all of the focuses that at one point have been
 proposed (not suggesting all of these would be added): ui (or ui/design),
 javascript, accessibility, administration, template, rtl, performance (or
 performance/caching), multisite, unit tests, docs, text changes.

  * Does a bug with (or desire to add) caching in a comments-related
 function belong in the Cache component or the Comments component? Well,
 it'd be ideal for people following/maintaining the Comments component to
 see it as it is relevant to them, but it could also benefit from the
 developers with expertise in caching. However, the Cache component is
 really for the Cache *API* (something we'll make clear with component
 renames). Thus, the ticket could go in the "Comments" component but also
 be added to the "perf/caching" focus.

  * Does a wp-admin/widgets.php issue belong in "Administration" or
 "Appearance" or "Widgets"? (It belongs in "Widgets" with a focus of

  * Does a themes.php issue belong in "Administration" or "Appearance" or
 "Themes"? (It belongs in "Themes" with a focus of "admin").

  * Does a bug with users that affects multisite belong in Multisite, or
 Users? It belongs in Users, with the multisite focus. There *are* however
 some tickets that are inherently best described as "Multisite."

  * Does an issue with a comments template tag go under "Comments" or
 "Template"? Or a "Template" sub-component within "Comments"? Ideally, it
 goes into "Comments" and a "template" focus, that way we don't have
 "Template" subcomponents all over the place. (Someone heavily interested
 in providing tools to themes are going to want to follow along *all*
 template tickets.)

  * Does a new set of unit tests for shortcodes go under "Unit Tests" (no,
 that's for the framework now) or "Shortcodes"? How does someone looking to
 review JS unit tests know where to find them?

  * Does an accessibility-related ticket for themes.php go under
 "Accessibility" or "Themes"? It should be added to the Themes component,
 with administration and accessibility focuses.

 Ideally, this eliminates or severely pares back a number of components,
 including Appearance, Administration, Template, Multisite, UI (already
 gone), etc.

 I think this plan will start to take more shape in the coming weeks as we
 re-do the components tree. I've cleaned up Formatting and General but
 still have another few big components to look through in order to get a
 better idea of where the ambiguities are.

 Comments welcome!

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