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#127: Better management of the emails trac sends
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Comment (by nacin):

 Hello! You might have been linked here from the post announcing this
 feature. Here's a rundown for how this works:
  * The Trac's site.html template, when viewing a ticket, does an Ajax
 request to make.wordpress.org/core.
  * make/core has a WordPress plugin that queries the tables in the Trac
 database (thanks to #253). HTML for the notifications box is returned.
  * wpTrac.notifications.init is run (code in the JS we include on Trac),
 which renders the notifications box and ticket star, and binds the
 appropriate events.
  * When an action is taken, an Ajax request is made to
 make.wordpress.org/core to save it.
  * Component/milestone subscriptions are handled by a page on make/core
 (currently a shortcode), which saves to the tables in the Trac DB. This
 isn't launched yet, though.
  * We patched Trac core directly to then query our custom subscriptions
 tables whenever a ticket is updated. Ideally, this later becomes a single-
 line patch to add an extension point (hook) and then a Trac plugin, rather
 than maintaining this, though it's not that bad.

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