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#433: Block spaces and special characters in login names
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 We blocked @ symbols in WordPress.org user logins a while ago. We should
 prevent spaces, too. It causes all sorts of messes.

 It's fine if a login has uppercase characters, but that should be the only
 differentiation between that and a user_nicename. If when sanitizing it to
 a user_nicename, it's not strcasecmp() equal, we should reject it as
 already chosen.

 This is going to block periods in usernames too, which I am fine with.
 Unless we wanted to allow periods in user nicenames on WordPress.org, but
 we don't want two users with the same name, just one with a period and one
 with a hyphen. I presume.

 This should include blocking the following situation:
  * Someone registered "example at user", ends up with example-user as a
 nicename. (This should be blocked in the future.)
  * Someone else registers "example-user". This login is not taken, and it
 cleanly sanitizes to "example-user". However, with that nicename already
 taken, they end up as "example-user1" (or -1, I don't remember). This
 should be blocked as it is incredibly confusing.

 Basically: Logins and nicenames should be interchangeable on WP.org.

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