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#421: Minor design changes for profiles
  Reporter:  Cr3ativ      |      Owner:  iandunn
      Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  normal       |  Component:  Profiles
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Comment (by Cr3ativ):

 Replying to [comment:12 iandunn]:
 > @Cr3ativ, to respond to your specific issues:
 > > Removed the shadow on the image and rounded corners to match buttons
 etc throughout the WP.org site
 > That was intentionally added, but free free to discuss it at the
 Community chat if you feel it'd be better without it.
 > > Better spacing on username
 > This can be taken into consideration for the next round of changes. cc
 > > On hover of the avatar there is a graphical representation of what
 will happen
 > The avatar link just goes to the profile that's already being viewed, so
 it's kind of pointless. I think the link should just be removed instead.
 > > Better line spacing on information
 > Something similar to this is already on the list of upcoming changes.
 > > Removal of spacing on 'dead' icons
 > That was already fixed soon after the launch, but the results were
 cached for 24 hours. None of the profiles have it now.

 Greetings and thanks for the replies everyone.

 I've watched the conversation happening above and would like to
 constructively give a little feedback.

 I think the above clearly shows how unusable the current model of gaining
 feedback really is when not everyone can agree where, what and how things
 should be organized with regard to community 'feedback'.

 I do appreciate and have understood the conversation going on, I've kept
 out of it as there are simply too many different views on the subject, but
 again, I'll stress, this proves to me that things aren't as welcoming, or
 usable, as they could and should be for users simply wanting to attempt to
 join the community. It certainly made me feel like I wasn't welcome, was
 stupid to open a ticket here, and then the door being closed.

 I'm not offended now as I see it's a matter of personal opinion from the

 Moving on.

 I would like to reply to the latest response from iandunn - not sure why
 the image has drop shadow etc added intentionally as I don't see this
 common place throughout the current UI system. I may be missing something
 and that is why I offered the alternative view to help keep things more
 consistent. If you decided it should be that way then I presume you have a
 reason and that's fair enough.

 I'm confused over the image hover, when it first went live and I clicked
 Otto's image it opened the image at full size, it didn't just link - hence
 my alternative offered which obviously now doesn't make sense. Was that an
 issue I saw or has it since been altered after the ticket was opened
 perhaps? Anyways, I couldn't agree more, right now if you click it's a
 loop. Pointless and should be removed.

 Cool on the icons.

 Excellent news on spacing.

 Thanks for taking in to consideration the better spacing on the username
 and content below.

 Again, please don't take anything I have said in the wrong way. I'm not
 new to WordPress but have been shy to dip my toe in to the community and
 development aspect simply because it's too confusing and spread out. Maybe
 this is something that could be taken in to consideration by whoever when
 it comes to reviewing site flow, community participation as I'm sure it
 could be far easier, centralized and more welcoming.

 I appreciate everyones responses and hard work.


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