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#421: Minor design changes for profiles
  Reporter:  Cr3ativ      |      Owner:  iandunn
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Comment (by iandunn):

 Replying to [comment:8 Otto42]:
 > You're working on profiles too, presumably. When and where are the
 design discussions happening? How can people get involved in that?

 Much of the code for Profiles hasn't been open-sourced yet, so most of the
 work has been done in private by Jen, Mel, Scott and myself. Without
 access to a wporg sandbox or the code, there isn't much a dev could
 contribute. There have been several posts on the Community blog, and
 Community team chats, to give people chances to provide feedback on the
 design and features, though.

 And now that v1 is launched, there are certain aspects (like the CSS and
 the notification/handler plugins) that are accessible to anyone. So, if
 anyone wants to get more involved, they should come to the Community team

 > Just having somebody post a one-off request or observation here, where
 the people actually working on the project will likely never see it, is
 kind of a waste of time. If you want people to participate, then tell them
 where to go. Using meta.trac as a catch-all for things that people will
 ultimately ignore benefits nobody.

 I think it's perfectly fine to direct people to the Community team chats
 if they want to get more involved, but I don't think we should close the
 tickets or discourage people from filing them. I subscribe to the mailing
 list, so I see all the tickets that come in, and I pay close attention to
 anything in the Profiles and WordCamp components. A lot of reports are a
 low priority -- or, at least, a ''lower'' priority than the dozen high-
 priority projects on my list at any given point -- so they realistically
 won't go anywhere without a patch from the community, but nothing is

 Worst case scenario is that somebody reports something that's already on
 our list, so I just close the ticket when we complete it. No harm done. In
 other cases the report could be useful feedback or a legitimate bug.

 I definitely see where you're coming from, but I think reporters will get
 the wrong impression if we just close their tickets. Regardless of your
 intentions or what the "right" way to report things would have been, it
 can feel dismissive, which makes people less likely to get involved.

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