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#421: Minor design changes for profiles
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Comment (by samuelsidler):

 Replying to [comment:2 jenmylo]:
 > Hi @Cr3ativ. The design is not completed yet, and the new profiles have
 not been announced as complete. We started with what you see so that we
 can test it more easily as we finish the design. What you see now is not
 the finished design. If you're interested in the profiles project, design
 decisions are made in the community team at
 http://make.wordpress.org/community, and we focus on contributor
 recognition and site projects during our team IRC chat the 4h Thursday of
 each month.

 Replying to [comment:5 Otto42]:
 > @daveshine: When the design is done and the feature is announced, then
 it will be appropriate to create tickets for it here. As Jen stated
 earlier, this is still a feature-in-progress, and if you wish to assist
 with the design or to offer feedback, then there is active discussion of
 it on both make/community and in the IRC channels.
 > The meta.trac is not really an appropriate place to make tickets for
 pieces of the system that are known to be unfinished and in active
 development. You're welcome to report bugs and feature requests, but if
 they're on works-in-progress, then we'll likely close them and refer you
 to the group that is working-on-it right now instead.

 I disagree with both of these comments. I won't reopen because I'm sure
 this will get closed again, but in general we use meta.trac for a ton of
 in-development features. For example, devhub is using meta.trac to track
 both bugs in the current development code and future features. If a site
 is public, meta.trac is the place to file issues.

 In the case of the new profiles (and unlike devhub), the feature is live.
 Even if it hasn't been "announced as complete" it's live for users and
 very visible. If bugs are found, why not encourage users to file issues?
 Unless there's a list of what's complete and what's not for people to
 peruse prior to filing tickets, I don't see any reason not to file tickets
 here. Furthermore, a statement like "design decisions are made in the
 community team at http://make.wordpress.org/community" is bearing on
 false. The last discussion about the design of Profiles took place on
 February 26] and is completely different than the design that has
 launched. Where should feedback have been given when this ticket was

 Likewise, where should a user report issues they find in their testing?
 This comment says: "We started with what you see so that we can test it
 more easily as we finish the design." Where? How? When?

 We should be encouraging involvement from all directions, not shutting it
 down because a feature hasn't been "announced as complete."

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