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#253: Trac MySQL migration
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 We're experimenting with moving Trac to MySQL. I'm going to track progress

 The goal here is to make Trac's data accessible to outside scripts. This
 means we can more quickly and openly build features, tools, integration,
 syncing, and such. Some examples: A PHP script on WP.org can query Trac
 directly and then use that data on WP.org (like make/core, profiles,
 stats) or improve Trac directly (like JS on Trac making XHR requests to an
 API). While most of this is read-only, writes will also be possible, like
 syncing profile email changes.

  * Write a migration script, since the ones out there aren't very good.
 (Done already, commit to follow.)
  * Improve the MySQL schema, since Trac's default is terrible. (Done
 already, commit to follow.)
  * Test this out on a giant Trac DB locally. (Done already.)
  * Set up MySQL on the server and for Python
 instance/ systems request]).
  * Test this out on a small Trac in production (probably this one).
  * Merge over Core Trac.
  * Merge over other Tracs after working out any further kinks and
 evaluating/comparing performance.

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