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#156: Allow ReadMe to support in-document links for h4s
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 Migrated from #wp24295:
 > The current Plugin [http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/about/readme.txt
 ReadMe files] use MarkDown syntax and over time these can contain a great
 deal of information for users, for example in the FAQs.
 > The length of these sections sometimes makes finding the part you need a
 case of trawling through the entire document or searching for words in the
 browser window and hoping you are using the same vocabulary as the ReadMe
 > I think a useful enhancement would be to add the capability to define
 in-document links to allow for things like a table of contents at the top
 of the FAQ section. Currently you can create a link in such a table like
 > {{{
 > [FAQ 1](#1)
 > }}}
 > But I cannot find a way to create the linked section later in the
 document as any HTML, name or id parameters seem to get stripped out.
 > If this is already possible, please can you tell me how to accomplish
 this and accept my apologies from opening a ticket.

 Note this is already possible for some levels (like h3s, which are wrapped
 in ==), but not in other levels (like h4s, which are wrapped in =).

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