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#1: Add callout boxes to handbooks
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Comment (by jerrysarcastic):

 Replying to [comment:5 kpdesign]:
 > I think [draft] would be used to mark an entire page as a draft. The
 block should probably include the person's name who is working on the page
 so other authors could contact them about collaborating or corrections. I
 could also see it used on a page section, but not often.

 Which makes it sound like some mechanism other than a shortcode might be
 better suited for this.  I have seen draft callouts used for sections in
 other forms of documentation (Rails, I think) and it was a bit of a mess
 to have the page littered with sections marked as drafts.

 > When we were in Cincinnati, you, @drewapicture and I talked about these
 shortcodes, and came to the conclusion that we really only needed 5 -
 [draft], [red], [blue], [green], and [yellow] - to keep it simple.

 Totally agree!  Except for the [draft] shortcode (which I have as a
 [checklist] instead) I think 5 is the magic number. What we name them is
 up for debate, but I'd hate to have more than that.   I think we'll also
 add buttons into the post editor for these shortcodes, which would also
 help cut down on confusion.

 > I love how the boxes look, but do have a style suggestion: please don't
 italicize the text in the callout boxes, as the author may need to insert
 their own italic styling for a portion of the text in the box.

 I think Sara will be looking at the design when she returns, but I can see
 where you are coming from, and it is easy to avoid that on the actual
 site. :)

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