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#1: Add callout boxes to handbooks
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Comment (by jerrysarcastic):

 In chatting with Eric (sewmyheadon) there was some confusion as to what
 the difference would be between [tip] and [more-info] and how they would
 be used.  To avoid having future editors ask the same question, I
 consolidated them for the time being.  I've also added a new shortcode
 called [note] for your consideration.

 || Shortcode || Describe || Style ||
 || [checklist] || Adds checkmarks the introduction checklist.  To be used
 in conjunction with a <ul> element. || Checkmarks in <ul> ||
 || [more-info] ||  Additional information, including asides, links to
 external resources, tips and hints, etc.  Not essential to completing the
 topic, but good to know. || Blue box ||
 || [note] || Highlights an important aspect of the topic being discussed.
 Something to watch out for be aware of. || Yellow box ||
 || [warning] || Alerts the reader to a potential issue or problem.
 Something to be avoided. || Red box  ||
 || [next-steps] || Tell the reader where to go next.  Offers jumping off
 points, links to external resources, or even the next topic (in series)
 for that handbook.  ||  Green Box ||

 About the [draft] shortcode,  How would this be used in practice?  To mark
 sections (of an existing page) that are still in draft form or to mark an
 entire page as a draft?

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