[wp-hackers] Re: GSoC Proposal: Multiple RDBMS support

Chris Poteet cpoteet at siolon.com
Mon Mar 31 02:28:17 GMT 2008

> I understand your point, but I don't see how this is related to WordPress. At
> this moment, WordPress is supporting MySQL versions starting from 4.0,
> what means that even half-advanced features like stored procedures and
> triggers can't be (and
> thus, aren't) used.

I would love to use stored procedures and triggers in WP.  The thought
of doing SQL at all inline is less than ideal.  I should be able to
invoke a stored procedure.

Yes, even though this has been talked about before but for good
reason.  Like my new plugin which uses SimpleXML which is much easier
than the PHP4 way of parsing XML.  I was in Barnes and Noble and saw a
book for PHP6!  Now, we're really lagging behind.

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