[wp-hackers] Idea for a GSoC project

Doug Stewart zamoose at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 17:50:42 GMT 2008

Really back-of-the-dinner-napkin here, but I've been thinking about
how we now have a Comments bubble notifying us of issues needing our
attention.  I would LOVE something similar for the plugins (and
eventually for themes) but I think additions to api.wordpress.org
would make the entire thing VERY compelling.

Here's what I think needs fleshing out: additional plugin/theme update
metadata.  i.e., the Plugins screen (and something in the
Dashboard/top nav links, ideally) shouldn't just notify a blog admin
that there are updates out there, but also what /sorts/ of updates are
available.  Feature updates are /very/ different than security ones
and can/should therefore be handled differently by theme authors,
plugin devs and blog admins alike.  So there should be some way for
devs/authors to note what sort of update
(bugfix/feature/security/etc.) a release is and perhaps even the
severity of the update, in the case of security ones.

I'd also love a "Don't bug me about this release again, just tell me
next time ANOTHER release is available" button per plugin update, but
that's way down the list.



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