[wp-hackers] Google SoC 2008 Proposal: Movable Type / TypePad AtomPub Importer

Ronald Heft ron at cavemonkey50.com
Thu Mar 27 01:51:12 GMT 2008

After reflecting upon the different viewpoints of my last proposal, I
figured it would be a good idea to come up with another proposal. So, I
propose creating an AtomPub-based content importer for Movable Type and

* What is AtomPub?

AtomPub is an established standard for editing web resources (RFC5023).
Through AtomPub, content and media can be retrieved and edited with ease.
Many content management systems have started implementing the standard,
including WordPress as of version 2.3. Movable Type and TypePad, the
targeted import environments, have added official support as of the
beginning of this year.

* What would an AtomPub-based Movable Type / TypePad Importer Bring to

The number one added benefit of an AtomPub-based importer would be
convenience. Currently, importing from Movable Type / TypePad requires an
export file to be created. While uploading this file is easy enough, the
process could be simplified.

By importing through AtomPub, only the URL location of the former blog and
login credentials are needed; similar to the way the current Blogger
importer works. The importer would be able to retrieve all required content
information and complete the process with a single click, entirely over the

* My Proposed Solution

- Import all content information (posts, pages, categories, tags, etc) from
an AtomPub-based Movable Type / TypePad installation in as few clicks as

- Investigate providing a media import option. This option, if feasible,
would import all media (pictures, etc) from a TypePad / Movable Type
installation into WordPress 2.5's new media manager, coping the content to
/wp-content as needed.

- Investigate the possibility of extending AtomPub-based importers to other
blogging platforms.

* Additional Information

AtomPub RFC Spec: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc5023.txt

WordPress' AtomPub Support: http://codex.wordpress.org/AtomPub

Movable Type's Announcement of AtomPub Support:


Ronald Heft, Jr.
Information Sciences and Technology
Pennsylvania State University

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