[wp-hackers] ref parameters and fake url

Stefano Aglietti steagl4ml at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 15:07:43 GMT 2008

On Wed, 26 Mar 2008 09:51:42 -0500, Stephen Rider
<wp-hackers at striderweb.com> wrote:

>On Mar 25, 2008, at 8:04 AM, Stefano Aglietti wrote:
>> On italian forum i got a question about sites (ggoole too) that refer
>> that there is URLs in some blog that are dangerous or spam, often they
>> have the form:
>> www.asite.com/?ref=spamsite.org&paged=10
>> I'm not sure where the ref parameter is used on an old english forum
>> thread there was a suggestion for a couple of line for .htaccess to
>> clena this URL eliminating any ref but iI think it's not a good idea
>> if ref has an use.
>> I'm not sure what advantage spammer have having weblinks around like
>> the one in the example, but it's annoying
>Are you referring to the spam links that begin with (for example)  

No i refer to he URL i posted as example (fake one) that is a WP blog
and google and other reaach the site using this fake url with the ref
parameters setted to a spam site, obviusly WP hsow the page with ID 10

Try yorsefl pick up the URL of your blog and add
/?ref=balbalbal.org&paged=13 or another valu than 13... 


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