[wp-hackers] Admin AJAX call with 404 error

Sören Weber mail at soeren-weber.net
Wed Mar 26 08:21:47 GMT 2008

> Make sure that the URL bar and the AJAX domain are the same. Both need
> to have either the www. or not have it. I've run into this problem
> several times.

Thanks for your replies. The address for the ajax call is correct. As I
said, _sometimes_ the AJAX call works and _sometimes_ a 404 error is
returned - on the same blog!

I've only seen this error once on my own WP test installation but it seems
to happen quite often for some of the Exec-PHP users. We already tried to
nail it down to interfering third party plugins but the 404 error still
occured once all other plugins in the blog were disabled.

I doubt that the 404 error was generated by the web server because in this
case wp-admin/admin-ajax.php should have been temporarily missing in the
file system?!? So at the moment I am searching for cases were WordPress
itself generates a 404 in case of AJAX calls on the admin site.

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