[wp-hackers] wp-gears! will it help?

Bernard D. Tremblay (ben) bentrem at aol.com
Tue Mar 25 21:04:48 GMT 2008

Otto wrote:
> What, exactly, would make the most sense to store in this client side
> storage system? How would "syncing" it occur?
That's what's stumped me. (FWIW I've had Brad Neuberg's "Moxie" 
bookmarked on my toolbar for what seems like years. Haven't found a use 
for it.)

The 1 application that has come to mind is some sort of though-liner (an 
outliner / scratch-pad / composing tool) ... Broderbund's "Thinking Cap" 
was best of breed (mid-80s) and few tools since have replicated that 
function set.

Sorting snippets locally ... cutting/copying/pasting together a very 
rough draft ... when it reaches something like draft quality, upload to 
the blog. Continue working on local copy and then sync?

*tag: blue-sky*

> -Otto

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