[wp-hackers] WP - Google Summer of Code

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Sun Mar 23 20:52:23 GMT 2008

> I would appreciate to see how you might decide on a category as  
> opposed to tagging!

This is how I think about it:

* Categories are 'buckets' for your post. Think of these like sections  
of a site, in a sense.
** examples: articles, editorials, asides

* Tags are the 'topics' you cover. These topics cross over categories  
and more specific.
** examples: google, web design, wordpress

Also, surfing tags, such as those on technorati and similar services  
can give you ideas about the kind of tags you want to use if you care  
about using a shared vocabulary with other bloggers.

YYMV, but this system works for me, and keeps the number of categories  
and tags down to a meaningful level. If you get overly specific with  
your cats/tags the system becomes unusable for you and confusing for  
your users.


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