[wp-hackers] Caching in core? (was: Caching in 2.5: anyone has a file-based caching plugin?)

Mahmoud Al-Qudsi computerguru at neosmart.net
Sun Mar 23 20:07:26 GMT 2008

> > Anyway, all this talk has got me convinced that a line of code is
> > worth a thousand painted pictures; so I'll see what I can draft up
> > real quick.
> Do share, do share :)

OK, scratch the MySQL idea. The overhead of 190-315 queries BY FAR* exceeds the benefits gained in lookup times.
.... and that's on a clean install of WP running nothing but Kubrick.

The problem is that every "caching hook" results in an additional MySQL lookup (though second hits for the same request do NOT reach the db).

I don't think there's any room for extra performance here. I'm using Indexes, Memory-based tables, high-speed lookups (the pack option); but MySQL wasn't created to be a dictionary ;-)

I can provide the code if anyone cares to look at it; but it seems like a dead-end here.

* query overhead resulted in 4-5 times longer page-loads.

Sorry guys!


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