[wp-hackers] Caching in 2.5: anyone has a file-based caching plugin?

Mahmoud Al-Qudsi computerguru at neosmart.net
Sun Mar 23 06:25:20 GMT 2008

> This seems to work wonder Mamhoud. Big thanks!!
> On this note, do the caching object and plugins still make use of the
> ENABLE_CACHE constant in wp-config.php.
> In other words, is checking if the latter is set to true (and as the
> codex page states, that DISABLE_CACHE isn't set either) to know if
> caching is available?
> Or can I just check if the caching functions exist (version handling)
> and they'll just fail gracefully (return false) if cache isn't enabled?
> What's the best practice?

I've disabled checks for ENABLE_CACHE constants for all the NST object-cache plugins - since you have to make a conscious decision to stick that object-cache.php file there, I assume you do want the caching benefits.

As for checking if caching is enabled - the current WP caching model lets you use the API to cache at all times. If file/xcache/eaccelerator/etc is enabled, that functionality will be used. Otherwise, caching will be performed for the individual request that you're currently serving, and cached data will expire at the end of the request.

I attempted to convert all the object-cache extensions into actual plugins, but that is not possible unfortunately since it would result in the re-declaration of a class.


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