[wp-hackers] GSoC 2008 Proposal: Core OpenID Support

Joseph Scott joseph at randomnetworks.com
Sun Mar 23 03:16:56 GMT 2008

On Mar 20, 2008, at 12:56 PM, Matt Mullenweg wrote:

> Otto wrote:
>> Some stats from the wordpress.com folks might prove enlightening,
>> since they became an OpenID Provider, I'd be interesting in knowing
>> how many of their users use it as such, how many openid hits they  
>> get,
>> that sort of thing.
> I don't think we're tracking this now, but I can share some stats  
> in a few days.

Matt asked me to follow up on this.  We've collected a couple of days  
worth of stats for OpenID on WordPress.com.

Day 1
trusted				2410
trust_once			339
manual_add			134
add_always_trust	172
remove_trust			22
do_not_trust			60

Day 2
trusted				1868
trust_once			312
manual_add			132
add_always_trust	145
remove_trust			28
do_not_trust			45

Some explanation on what these numbers are:

trusted - requests from sites that required no user interaction  
because they were already in the user's trusted list
trust_once - user clicked the "Yes; just this time" for a request
manual_add - user entered a trust manually in wp-admin
add_always_trust - user clicked the "Yes; always" for a request
remove_trust - user removed domain trust in wp-admin
do_not_trust - user clicked "No" for a request

Unfortunately I don't have a break down for how many unique users  
this translates to.  But even if we took the "trusted" number and  
figured that accounted for unique users (which would probably be on  
the high side), these numbers seem pretty small.  You can compare  
them to other stats at : http://wordpress.com/stats/

Joseph Scott
joseph at randomnetworks.com

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