[wp-hackers] Use of _blank in wp-admin

Jessica Yazbek j.yzbek at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 11:43:42 GMT 2008

AFAIK, it was dropped because the original intention of the target="" 
attribute was for framesets, and frames have been dropped from XHTML. 
I've always thought it was an unfortunate side effect that you can't do 
target="_blank" anymore either, but maybe it was intentional by the W3C 
for some reason.

In any event, yeah I think most people who are hip to tabs have set up 
their browser prefs to open target="_blank" in a new tab instead of a 
window. Also, I am pretty sure that using the target attribute works 
fine when validating for XHTML transitional. Personally, I hate it when 
new windows are opened using javascript; I think it's overkill to use 
javascript for something that can be done in the markup.

Tim Kissane wrote:
> I use many browsers to test page design, but Firefox and Opera are my
> main personal use choices. I have set the preferences in each to open
> tabs rather than windows (the default on Opera), so this is not an
> annoyance at all.
> Why has the target parameter has been dropped? I sometimes want to
> force a visitor to a page to open a link in a new window/tab, rather than
> replace the page containing the link. It is ridiculous for the authors of
> the xhtml standards to remove this functionality.
> Ah, but I digress... ;-)
> WP rawks!
> Tim K.

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