[wp-hackers] Use of _blank in wp-admin

Tim Kissane tim at timbury.net
Sat Mar 22 10:24:17 GMT 2008

I use many browsers to test page design, but Firefox and Opera are my
main personal use choices. I have set the preferences in each to open
tabs rather than windows (the default on Opera), so this is not an
annoyance at all.

Why has the target parameter has been dropped? I sometimes want to
force a visitor to a page to open a link in a new window/tab, rather than
replace the page containing the link. It is ridiculous for the authors of
the xhtml standards to remove this functionality.

Ah, but I digress... ;-)

WP rawks!

Tim K.

Tim Kissane
Timbury Computer Services
"More hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than in the name of rebellion." -- CP Snow

Mahmoud Al-Qudsi wrote:
> Hi,
> One would think that with all the recent standards-based discussion and all, WP wouldn't be using target="" attributes on links; but I was surprised to find that certain links in the admin center use _blank.
> This is annoying on more than one level - seeing as all browsers support tabs, _blank will open the link in a new Window (except in Opera, which fortunately intercepts _blank calls and converts them to new tabs) which is pretty annoying behavior for us tab-lovers.
> More importantly, to the best of my knowledge _blank has been phased out of the HTML standards...
> Any idea why we're using them?
> -MQ

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