[wp-hackers] Re: Form Layouts With Tables

Jess Planck jesse at funroe.net
Fri Mar 21 19:56:06 GMT 2008

That's nice!

I think parts of this discussion are "purist" notations about some  
admin CSS declarations for accessible forms. You know some help to  
make them purty while following section 1.3 from this "quick" guideline:


But since mostly all fieldsets and legends are removed from 2.5 old  
plugins that followed the previous usage of fieldsets will now get the  
ugly. ( You know you've done it! Copy... paste... change... tada  
plugin option page )

It's not a big deal really. Solution is to provide your own css with  
your settings. A little extra work that many do anyway. You might  
occasionally get a plugin with colliding css, but if you are a style  
purist you should do css class and id declarations unique to your  

In other words. Asking for default fieldset legend  classes and css in  
the admin css files is probably just being lazy... ( I admit it! )

On Mar 21, 2008, at 2:05 PM, Sabin Iacob wrote:

> maybe a library[1] to hide the details of generating settings  
> pages[2] would be appropriate? The one I wrote a while ago certainly  
> made my life much easier ;)
> [1]https://trac.m0n5t3r.info/wordpress-plugins/browser/inline_gallery/lib/options-lib.php
> [2]http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic.php?id=1269

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